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About Us - Our Vision

To leave a sustainable world for future generations.

A clean, healthy and well protected environment supporting a self sustainable society and improved quality of living.

We create an atmosphere of hope and new opportunities and possibilities to initiate change.

Each of us can shape our neighbourhoods and common spaces through our green practices, championing a sustainable way of life, and by being a more gracious society.

  • The natural wealth and resources are a treasure to be handed over to the next generations.
  • Sense of personal and collective responsibility needs to be inculcated in the Indian mindset.
  • Mankind's responsibility towards the conservation of wildlife and forests cannot be undermined or forgotten.

We believe it is essential that people participate in solving the environmental challenges we face.

Our Mission

Environmental Conservation

Our mission is to activate community consciousness for self-determination; equity, improved livelihoods securities and environmental conservation


Campaign awareness to protect and improve the environment by improving water conservation as a valuable asset for the natives

Social Activities

By campaigning awareness on sustainable environment and social structure among youth generation by consistent campaigns, road show and social activities to achieve an hassle free sustained environment with improved quality of living.


We believe everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and economic status, in this or in future generations, has an equal right to enjoy the benefits of our natural environment..

Trust's Core Agenda

Awareness campaign on harms and effects of Prosposis Juliflora to people and abolishment of them. Provide alternative fuel source for dependents.

Identifying tanks, ponds (water bodies) which are naturally encroached with silt and tress, etc.., would be revamped and maintained. (Initially in Krishnagiri district, further expansion in other zones)

Bringing Social Responsibility among the Youngsters (students) for environmental awareness, water conservation, hygiene life by organizing road shows, campaign and activities.

Providing Technological exposure and Career Guidance to the students

Identifying skills and Job creation for the natives (adopted village)



Success Stories

Hard work doesn't guarantee success, but improves its chances

Chennai Flood Relief

Helped people of Chennai suffering from Flood.

Planting in GH Vaniyambadi

Planting in Government hospital in Vaniyambadi.

Sokkadi_High School_Planting

Planting in Sokkadi High School.


Seed balls planting in Ketheri


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MIG 607,1/608 II nd Phase, New TNHB, Krishanagiri -635001


9742320876 / 9444655541

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